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Apprenticeships are vocational qualifications, a way of proving that you can do a type of job. They are based on practical learning in the work place.

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Choosing an Apprenticeship

Higher education continues to be the expected route for most young people and for some, this way is easy – perhaps they’ve always wanted to become a lawyer or study art history. For many school leavers though, the decision about what to do next can be daunting. You’re not alone if you’re weighing up the pros and cons of your education and training options.

Apprenticeships offer skills that relate to a particular industry but they also contain some skills that you can take from one career to another.


What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is...

A vocational qualification, a way of proving that you can do a type of job to any future employer. The qualification is recognised all over the UK. You get practical learning in the work place. Being on an Apprenticeship means you are spending time training for skills that you can use in the industry that most interests you. In short, you can earn money while you are learning.

Usually you work alongside more experienced workers, you earn a wage and get holiday pay. Apprenticeships usually last between 12 to 18 months during which time you also study course materials and take assignments, which go to prove how much you have learned.


Could I still go to University later on?

Doing an Apprenticeship doesn’t stop you doing other things...

DTS Apprenticeships are an important and valuable alternative if you feel that Uni isn’t right for you. We offer a variety of different apprentice programmes which are available to people aged 16-23 yrs of age – it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

We’re passionate about vocational learning at Dimensions Training Solutions. We and our partners really believe that an Apprenticeship can be the best way, if you’re a school leaver, to fulfil your potential, gain practical skills and achieve your ambitions.

One of the big attractions of Apprenticeships is the opportunity to earn while you learn. Apprentice schemes are linked to businesses, so there’s a great chance of walking into a full-time job after you’ve finished. A Higher-level Apprenticeship can even lead to a foundation degree, so going to university later on needn’t be off the cards. If you want a course that will get you the qualifications you need to get to Uni, then an ‘Access to Higher Education course’ is worth checking out.

So think it through, and give vocational learning a chance. Starting an Apprenticeship with us is a fantastic way for you to achieve what you want. See what Apprenticeships are available here.

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Why should I do an Apprenticeship?

The benefits of Apprenticeship are...

  • You won’t have to be in classrooms all day because an apprenticeship is practically based
  • Hands on training will build your confidence and guarantee enjoyable learning
  • Many of our apprentices have said that it’s a fun and rewarding experience
  • You get paid a salary while you gain your valuable training and qualifications
  • Hit the ground running and start a job when your training is finished
  • You don’t pay any training/learning fees or get into student debt


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