Equality and Diversity Update - April

Posted 15 April 2019

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For April's Equality and Diversity Update, we will be covering Perception discrimination, safeguarding against material or financial abuse, and PREVENT - peer pressure and gangs.

Perception discrimination

Already applies to age, race, religion or belief and sexual orientation. Now extended to cover disability, gender reassignment and sex.

This is direct discrimination against an individual because others think they posses a particular protected characteristic. It applies even if the person does not actually possess that characteristic.

Example of Perception Discrimination

Jim is 45 but looks much younger. Many people assume that he is in his mid-20s. He is not allowed to represent his company at an international meeting because the Managing Director thinks that he is too young.

Jim has been discriminated against on the perception of a protected characteristic.

Safeguarding - Financial or Material abuse

Abuse is a violation of a person's human and civil rights by any other person. Abuse can take many forms.

Financial or material abuse can involve:

  • Stealing from the person
  • Cheating someone
  • Using someone for financial gain
  • Putting pressure on an individual about wills, property, inheritance or financial transactions
  • Misusing or stealing a person's property, possessions or benefits

What are the possible signs?

  • Having unusual difficulty with finances
  • Not having enough money
  • Being too protective of money and the things they own
  • Not paying bills
  • Not having normal home comforts

Prevent - Peer Pressure and Gangs

Part of the journey towards radicalisation can include joining a group or gang. 

This can make someone feel special and wanted at first, but pressure can be applied to ensure a person meets the group's expectations. This could be in the form of illegal activities, emotional pressure towards you or a loved one or the threat of leaving the group.

Outside the group you may feel you have no one to turn too and must carry out the demands or pressures.

If you feel you are in this situation there are organisations that can help.

Talk to your tutor or assessor or contact the DTS confidential email address or hotline. They will assist you but will not disclose information without your permission.


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