AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians

AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) Accounting Courses

Why DTS offer AAT Accounting courses

Employers trust AAT courses, they are recognised both in the UK and internationally. AAT is a kind of gold standard for qualifications in Accounting.

We are proud to offer AAT courses in Accounting with a choice of levels that cater for learners just starting out in accountancy, people getting into their stride and the consummate professionals. With DTS, you can get your accountancy career off the ground anytime, it’s all online.

What Accountancy Level should I choose?

Both the Foundation, and the combined Foundation and Advanced courses, are entry level, you will not need to have any previous experience. To study the Advanced level, however, you will need to already have achieved a Foundation (Level 2) Accounting qualification. Similarly, if you want to go for the Professional level, you will need to possess an Advanced (Level 3) qualification.

AAT courses with funding

AAT Accounting courses attract 19+ Advanced Learner Loans, these are Government backed and you only pay them back when you are earning over £21,000 a year.

AAT - The professional body for accounting technicians

AAT Accounting

qualifications. Start studying today with DTS on the UK’s cutting edge virtual learning environment - PEARL

The awarding body

AAT is UK’s leading qualification and membership body for vocational accountants. All AAT Accounting qualifications are based on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), formerly known as the Qualification Credit Framework (QCF). An AAT qualification will also give you access to the AAT membership network. There are 130,000 members in more than 90 countries, so you can embark on, or continue, a lifelong career in Accountancy with AAT qualifications.

PEARL, our unique learning platform

PEARL is the most advanced, cutting edge, online learning platform. It offers a choice of views, you can choose to study in a social environment, where you can see what other people have to say and make comments yourself, join in the debate and contact other learners on your course. You can choose to enrich your learning by adding other ‘employability skills’, which can lead to further qualifications, and you can even build your CV, and opt to take a psychometric test on PEARL with options to display your progress and results and study badges won in your ‘Employer’ or ‘Personal’ profiles.


End of unit mock tests and the examination services team

To help you make sure that you have thoroughly learned every unit, you will have access to mock tests on PEARL. These provide an invaluable guide, they tell you, and us, how prepared you are for the test itself. There are four "Computer Based Tests" and one "Computer Based Project", and an end of course 'Synoptic' Exam. All the tests, except for the "Computer Based Project" need to be taken at an AAT test centre and usually cannot be taken more than twice. So it's important to make absolutely sure you are completely ready for each test, and aim to get it right first time, you can then reserve your right to re-sit a unit test just to improve your grade, eg. to go from a 'Merit' to a 'Distinction'. Our examination services team will help you schedule your test.

Industry expert assessors

There is also Industry expert help available via phone, email and online to support you, if any part of the syllabus needs further clarification.

Further support from our learning community

PEARL is a uniquely social environment, where learners can not only study at home, or anywhere with Wifi, but also interact with the people learning their course, or working on the same unit. The wider learning community can further support and enrich your learning experience with relevant comments and by posting, and sharing, helpful links.