AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting

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The AAT Advanced Diploma

The Level 3 AAT Accounting course is designed for those who want to go beyond the Foundation stage and build on their knowledge to make a career in Accounting.

DTS support your online learning journey with the examination team, who help with scheduling your end of course exam, and with support from the learning community studying on our, cutting edge, online learning environment - PEARL. In addition you will have ongoing remote support from your dedicated tutor to help you on your learning journey.

You may be eligible for a 19+ Advanced Learner Loan

DTS also offer 19+ Advanced Learner Loan support. If you successfully apply and receive a 19+ Advanced Learner Loan, which you can choose to do when you click the enrol button, we assign you a Student Support Officer (SSO) to help you submit your assignments on time. Check my eligibility for funding.

What you’ll learn and study on the course

In this qualification you will get to grips with more complex accounting practices including 'financial processes', 'advanced bookkeeping', 'final accounts and ethical practices for accountants'.

What you can do with this qualification

The AAT Advanced Accounting Diploma can give you the confidence to apply for bookkeeping work and would be welcomed by accountancy firms, and other businesses, looking for help with their accounting. It is also worth 160 UCAS points, so it can also contribute to a University entrance target. In addition, on successful completion you can apply for AAT full membership and to become a professional AAT Bookkeeper (AATQB).

DTS offer the latest AAT syllabus with all learning materials offered online, for each unit. There is a mock test after each unit to ensure that you have learned the relevant study materials. The examination team will then establish if you are ready to take the test at an AAT test centre and schedule that in with you. AAT have a network of over 200 test centres across the UK. To download a list of these test centres and their location click here. When you are ready to register for your first computer based test we will discuss with you the process to book into your test centre of choice. Each AAT Unit Level is graded; either Pass, Merit or Distinction. A Pass is 70-79%, a Merit is 80-89% and a Distinction is 90-100%

  • Advanced bookkeeping
    Computer Based Assessment

    Accounting principles and concepts underlying all financial accounting. The accounting equation, the nature and importance of the different categories of account and how books and records work together.

  • Final accounts preparation
    Computer Based Assessment

    Accounting skills in restructuring accounting information from incomplete records and preparing financial statements for sole traders. Techniques to restructure accounts, finding missing information and the significance/ limitations of the trial balance. Statement of financial position and statement of profit or loss.

  • Management accounting: costing
    Computer Based Assessment

    Cost handling in organisations, why different organisations treat costs in different ways. Different approaches to cost accounting and making informed and reasoned judgements to guide management.

  • Indirect Tax
    Synoptic (End of Course) Assessment*

    VAT regulations. Completing VAT returns on time and accurately. VAT penalties and adjustments in the event of errors. Communicating VAT information.

  • Ethics for accountants
    Synoptic (End of Course) Assessment*

    Principles of ethical working. Ethical behaviour when working with internal and external customers. When and how to take appropriate action following suspected breaches of ethical codes. Ethical responsibility of the finance professional in promoting sustainability.

  • Spreadsheets for accountants
    Synoptic (End of Course) Assessment*

    Using spreadsheets to enter, edit and organise numerical and other data. Appropriate formulas and data analysis tools and techniques to meet requirements. Tools and techniques to present, format and publish spreadsheet information.

* see ‘

AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) is sponsored by the chartered accounting bodies CIPFA, ICAEW, CIMA and ICAS.

AAT qualifications are respected and internationally recognised in 90 countries around the world. Organisations hire AAT qualified members (from a body of over 130,000 members) as they represent the highest standards of professionalism. AAT are the awarding body for this qualification.

You study the course materials for each unit, which comprise a, media rich, combination of text, illustrations, spreadsheets, videos, interactive quizzes, social connections, peer discussion, debates and games. This is enabled by the most cutting edge, online learning platform, in the UK today - PEARL.

Computer Based Assessments

When you have completed the unit, you demonstrate learning with an end of unit online mock test, taken in PEARL, followed by a Unit Assessment at an AAT centre. This is the case for the first three units and you may get your provisional results back immediately.

Computer Based Projects

If you need to submit a computer based project, this will go to AAT for assessment which can lengthen the assessment process. This does not need to delay your progress though, as you will be given access to study the next unit.

Synoptic (End of Course) Assessment*

The last three units of this Level 3 qualification are tested, together with the learning you have completed on all the other units, in one final ‘synoptic’ general test. This is an end of course exam which you sit in an AAT test centre. The exam aims to test several units within the course (marked with an*). The tests will be available in “set assessment windows”, our examination services team will help you organise the scheduling of your tests, and final exam, so you can progress and concentrate on your studies.

AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting

This AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting is universally respected and internationally recognised. Organisations hire AAT-qualified members for their knowledge, skills, diligence and enthusiasm, because AAT represents the highest standards of professionalism.
  • There are no formal requirements, but you should be able to demonstrate
  • appropriate knowledge through work experience or have a level 2 (or equivalent) AAT qualification already.
  • You will need a valid UK address (AAT qualifications cannot be studied outside the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man).
  • You must have access to a PC and the Internet to complete this course.
  • Whilst there is no formal requirement for Maths and English qualifications, a reasonable degree of competence will be needed in order to successfully complete this course.

* Please note, if you have a criminal record or have been made bankrupt, the AAT may not accept you to sit the exam/s.

If Paying by a 19+ Advanced Learner Loan:

  • All examination fees are included - these are valued at approximately £650.
  • All AAT Fees are included – these cost approximately £129 (AAT student admin fee and annual fee) .

If Paying for your course yourself:

  • No examinations and AAT fees are included whatsoever.
  • You will need to pay these fees yourself in addition to your course fees.

All learners regardless of their payment method receive:

  • Access to all online course materials - Access to all the many benefits of studying on the UK’s cutting edge virtual, social learning environment - PEARL.
  • NUS Extra card - giving you many benefits including shopping and entertainment discounts.
  • Industry Expert Assessors - available via email and online to support you, whenever you need it.

Is there government funding available for doing this course?

Yes, you can apply for an Advanced Learner Loan with this course. We are accountable to the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and Ofsted, to provide this course with Government backed funding. You can access your Advanced Learner Loan if you meet the criteria. Two main conditions are:

  • You need to be aged 19 or over
  • You need to be a UK citizen.

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Payment Method
With an Advanced Learner Loan
Registration Fee £37.25
Repayments: No Payments until salary reaches £21,000
Total Price: £2,000.00
EU Social Fund
SFA England

Advanced Learner Loans are administered by Student Finance England (SFE)

Student Finance England is a Student Loans Company service, providing financial support to students on behalf of the UK Government.

You can enrol today and pay much, much later

You can access your course information straight away. You can then review them in your own time and complete the assignments which you are required to submit to your personal tutor for marking and feedback.

*Cashback will be paid to you once you have finished paying for your course in full. For more information, please see our cash back terms and conditions. The total amount payable over the term's period, is no more than the total cash price of the course. (APR = 0%). Written quotations are available on request.

Yes, when you study using this kind of funding, Dimensions Training Solutions offers considerably more than the same one without the 19+ funding loan.

Enhanced course content

Six Employability and Independent Learning Skills (EILS) modules are embedded in the content of your course: Maths, English, Digital Life Skills, Confidence, Resilience and Meeting Deadlines.

You can choose to study a further four: Workplace Ready, Initiative, Teamwork and Problem Solving. These are all designed to boost your personal skill level and help your career progression.

Additional personal support

A Student Support Officer (SSO) will be assigned to you, so you have a single point of contact throughout your course to support you with any admin issues. Dimensions Training Solutions regularly update the SFA with details of study hours, and evidence of learning, in order to responsibly account for your course funding.

You will have an Individual Learning Plan with a set “finish date” and your SSO is there to encourage and help you stay on course. This is in addition to your Assessor, who assesses your work and provides personal constructive feedback.

The difference between courses funded by 19+ loan and privately funded courses

Features Course funded
by 19+ Advanced Learner Loans
Course funded privately
Personal Student Support Officer assigned to you
Personal Assessor Support assigned to you Automatic embedding of 6 key Employability and Independent Learning Skills (EILS) in course
10 EILS available
Individual Learning Plan with a set “finish date”
Flexible deadline to finish your course
Online study delivery
Postal study delivery
Payment in full or in instalments while you study
Eligibility requirement for loan
Nothing to pay until course is finished and you earn over £21,000 pa.
Are you eligible for a 19+
Advanced Learner Loan?
  • Aged over 19 and living in the UK?
  • 19+ loans are Government backed, so you only pay them back if you’re earning over £21,000 a year.

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